Friday, March 28, 2014

Madonna's Sex Book

Madonna's Sex book, published in 1992, features erotic nude photography by Steven Meisel of the singer Madonna, romping sexily with Vanilla Ice, Big Daddy Kane, Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini, Udo Kier and Ingrid Casares. It sold well and is considered a post-feminist work of art, but is now out of print. Rumor has it that Madonna is buying up copies herself to take the book off the market. Used copies are available and we feel that this book is probably a great investment. Buy it now, enjoy it, then sell it on eBay! Here are photos from the book and outtakes from Steven Meisel's photo sessions with Madonna.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Duke Blue: Belle Knox

Lovely Belle Knox, a young porn actress and Duke freshman, is at the center of a major scandal after being outed as an X-rated video star and being harassed by troglodyte frat boys and others on the Internet due to her chosen manner of paying her college tuition. Viva Belle Knox! She is of legal age and free to choose her own lifestyle. Shame on all the hypocrites who consume porn by the gigabytes yet are swift to condemn their classmate. Belle (her stage name) is smart, articulate, confident and has been interviewed by CNN and many other media outlets. We believe she's going to be a famous spokeswoman for sexual freedom. She also puts the "blue" into Blue Devil (the mascot for Duke).

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Nude Existentialism

Who knew? The provocative curves of French author Simone de Beauvoir, the companion of existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Her nude bathroom shots suggest that she tended to her beauty and loved sex, and didn't mind someone (Sartre?) snapping nude pics. Did this lead Sartre to his apocryphal treatise on Being and Nakedness? Existentialism was never so sexy!

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Barbara D'Urso

The absolutely stunning sultry Italian actress, model and TV host Barbara D'Urso posing nude for Italian Playboy and enjoying nudity on the beach. A woman who has never stopped being sexy and boasting of amazing curves, including gorgeous big natural breasts.

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