Friday, January 27, 2012

Mimi Rogers

Beautiful actress Mimi Rogers, born in 1956, has acted in Someone to Watch Over Me, The Rapture, Lost in Space, Austin Powers, Full Body Massage and many other films and TV series. She posed nude for Playboy in 1993, at the age of 36. She has proven herself to be achingly pretty and sexy at every age, and is blessed with an all-natural 38-27-36 figure.

Her breakout role in The Rapture (at age 34)

Posing for Playboy
(at age 36)

Mimi Rogers in Playboy, March 1993

Full Body Massage
(Mimi Rogers nude at age 38)

Mimi Rogers in Full Body Massage (1995)

The Door in the Floor
(Mimi Rogers nude at age 47)

More Mimi Rogers on DVD and VHS and in Playboy


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Luscious Iveth Cortez

Iveth is a gorgeous model from Honduras who has
appeared in DVDs such as Playboy's Lusty Latin Ladies.